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Naples Girls Softball

We are one of the largest softball organizations in all of Southwest Florida. Our primary focus with Naples Girls Softball is to provide the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge of the game in a fun, safe, and positive environment with participation for all levels of ability.

Our league philosophy goes beyond just teaching the skills needed on the field. We provide a foundation of confidence, teamwork, and commitment that will set our girls up for future success on and off the field.

Our coaching staff has a wide range of experience from college athletes to high school letterman. They are committed and focused on the proper development and progress of each individual player: physically, mentally, and emotionally. Our coaching staff doesn't just stop at team practices, they offer specialty practices for pitching or catching as well as clinics to further help your daughter advance her abilities in hitting and fielding. We are all volunteers and are dedicated to making the girls' softball experience something that will last a lifetime. 

From tee ball, coach pitch and all the way to fastpitch, we offer a variety of divisions for players ages 4-14 to have the opportunity to compete in local tournaments as well as offering some of our more advanced players a chance to compete in our All-Stars division.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do the registration fees include? The girls will receive a uniform which includes jersey and socks, and team practices/games will be set up by our board members to ensure all teams are getting plenty of developmental focus and live play time.

What should she wear to practices? Shorts/Pants are required for practices. We also highly recommend wearing sports bras under lose fitting tank tops.

Are softball pants required? Softball pants for the younger divisions are not required, however you must wear the same color pant as the rest of the team to be considered "in uniform". From the age 12U and up softball pants are required as they provide the necessary protection for your daughter's thighs, knees and shins. Also sliding shorts under the pants are highly recommended as they age up for their own safety once sliding and diving is implemented.

What are the equipment requirements for my daughter to play? Click the link to see a full list of recommended and required gear for all ages:

Can a player wear any jewelry on the field? Players are not permitted to wear jewelry such as, but not limited to, rings, watches, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. The only exception is jewelry that alerts medical personnel to a specific condition. Sunglasses and items used to control the hair, such as beads, are permitted.

Are cleats required? Cleats are not required but highly recommend as they create a traction for the girls to run faster on the clay and grass.  However closed toe shoes are required, preferably that tie for the most ankle support. Metal cleats, rubber shoes, backless shoes and sandals are not permitted.

Does my daughter’s hair have to be pulled back? Hair being out of your daughter’s face is highly recommended. If it’s impeding on her vision, it might be enforced, per her coach’s discretion as it can fall under a safety percussion.

If she misses practices, will she still get to play? This is at your coach’s discretion. It’s recommended they participate in a minimum of 50% of practices to ensure they will get play time. It keeps a fair playing field for the girls who are consistently showing up, as well as gives the coach an idea of who is able to play which position.  Please contact your coach and inform them of possible absences that way they can be prepared. If you don’t show up at practice, they will assume you won’t show up for the game.

Is my daughter old enough to play? Please click this link to check her age group:

Is it too late to register my daughter to play? We try to keep registration open as long as we can for everyone to be able to participate. However, we have to have an end date to prepare and organize teams and fields. It doesn't hurt to ask if we're still available to add one more though so please contact us just in case. If it is too late, we can always send you the date for the following season's registration.

Have a question about something?

Have a question about something?

Naples Girls Softball