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2023 8u tournament rules combined machine and coach.docx

Tournament Books

a. Remind people through the season to begin making sure information is accurate for

books. Scorebooks for games must be kept and turned in.

b. For Leagues keeping Electronic scorebooks – a file from each league is due to the DC At

the end of every month with their EBooks. Leagues that are not compliant will not be

issued their LOE.

c. Leagues with paper books must be collected at ½ season and then the other half at the

end of the year.

7 players maximum are allowed from one team to create post season teams if a league

has two or more teams in a division. No exceptions in cases where league could not get

enough commitment, etc.


8U Rules

a. Keep Coach Pitch – Must be declared at the plate meeting if using the machine or coach


i. ‘Pitcher’ cannot coach or instruct. Penalty – removed from game as pitcher.

b. Change outfielders to 10 feet behind base line.

c. Coach pitch distance to be moved to right in front of the pitching machine (~30 feet)


d. Discussion on baserunners rule when it comes to when time is called. Decision to leave

rule as is, however, table to fall when we may trial run new rule on trail runner taking

next base if already in motion to base when lead runner abandons advance.

e. Mask rule to stay the same. At a Follow Book rule Pitcher, and corner infielders MUST

wear all others HIGHLY encouraged.

f. Change infielders to that they must remain in normal starting positions until ball is

released from machine or coach unless bunt is shown.

g. The base runner may leave the once the ball is released and advance once the ball is put

into play. Stealing is NOT permitted in *U. Penalty for leaving early is the same (Runner

is out)

h. Change pitcher movement is allowed once the ball is released rather than once the ball

is hit. Must remain in circle but can move up in front of machine.

i. A team must play with 10 players, allowed to play with 9, but must take an out in the

batting order for the missing ‘10 th ’ player.

i. If a 10 th player arrives after game start, they are allowed to be inserted into the

lineup in the empty 10 th spot, at which time the out penalty will be dropped.

Q. Add dropped 3 rd strike rule to 10u – Discussed and agreed upon to roll out option at Districts for

coaches to choose at the plate meeting if Dropped 3 rd strike will be added to the game. It must

be unanimously agreed upon by both coaches to be added to the game and if agreed upon will

be played as which throughout the game’s entirety.

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